Jethro Tull Bootleg Guide: Original CD Discography
Original CDs
Home-made CDRs
Tull Tree releases
  25 Lightyears
  A Live Passion
  A New Day Yesterday 1
  A New Day Yesterday 2
  A Sackful Of Trousersnakes
  A Salmon Farmer
  A Slice Of Flute Cake
  At The House Of Blues
NEW Back At The Funny Farm
  Back In Birmingham
  Back In USA
  Back To The Family
  Blues From Chicago
  Bricks On The Road
  By A Benefit Of Wight
  Caught In The Crossfire
  Clasping The Weathercock At Midnight
  Complete Performance 1972
  Curious Riff
  Dark Haiti
  Days Of Giving
  Dharma For One
  East Dreams
  Fairytales From The Pawn Shop
  Farm On The Freeway 1
  Farm On The Freeway 2
  Farm On The Highway
  Fat Man
  Flute Cake
  For A Thousand Years
  For Jeffrey, The Poobah
  Gold-Tipped Boots
  Göteborg 01.09.25
  Hippodrome Breath
  I'm Just A Simple Flute Player
  In A Norwegian Wood
  Jethro Tull II
  Landscape Marble
  Life Is A Long Song
  Live 1
  Live 2
  Live 3
  Live 4
  Live 5
  Live Aqualung
  Live At The Lonestar
  Live At The Seaside
  Live At Tower Theatre
  Live In Chicago 1970
  Live In Concert 1985
  Live May 1973
  Live Unapproved
  Live - Up
  Live USA 1980/87
  Living In The Past 1
  Living In The Past 2
  Mad Dog Fagin'
  Move On
  My God
  Never Too Old To Rock'N'Roll
  Nothing Is Easy
  On The Dutch Freeway
  On The Move
  Out Of Egypt
  Pay The Piper
  Rocks On The Road
  Rockstars In Concert: Jethro Tull
  Salmon Rising
  Second To None
  Serenade For A Coocoo
  Serenade For A Cuckoo
  Skatin' Away On Heavy Horses
  Song For Jeffrey
  Songs From The Wooden Grammophone
  Supercharged Through LA
  Tales From The Crystal Flute
  Tanglewood 1970
  The Flute In The Rock
  The Magic Piper
  The Pied Piper
  The Pine Ian's Jig
  The Poor Man Gets Along
  The Tunnel Of Love
  Thick As A Stage
  This Is Jethro Tull
  Too Old To Rock, Too Young To Roll
  Trouvadores Cruzaram O Equador
  Tull On The Road
  Upper Darby 1987
  Velvet Flute
  Vredenburg, Utrecht June 17, 1993
  Watchers On The Storm
  Whalefish Rising
  When Minstrels Came To Play
  Where's Jethro?
  Whirling Dervish
  Wien Kurhalle, 2. Juli 2001
  Wind Up In Dallas

  Original Compilation CDs with Jethro Tull live tracks:
  British Progressive Rockers In Concert
  Heavy Metal - In The Beginning
  Oh Boy... The Compilation
  Rock Legends 2
  Rock Legends II


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