Jethro Tull Bootleg Guide: CDR Discography
Original CDs
Home-made CDRs
Tull Tree releases
  1997 USA Tull Convention
  2 Meter Sessies
  20 Years Live
  95.5 KLOS
  A Blues For God
  A Day At The Beach
  A Day At The Exhibition
  A Leg To Stand On
  A - OK
  A Passion Play In Baltimore 73
  A Passion Play Live
  A Spare Pair
  All Things To All People
  All You Heidelburgers
  Alladin Theater, Las Vegas '77
  Another Cup Of Tea Dear ?
  Apollo 20
  Aragon Ballroom, Chicago 1970
  Atlantic City,  NJ  09-04-99
  Auditorium Theater
  Bach - Rock
  Bamberg 1999
  Beneath The Sheets
  Blockbuster Pavillion 1-10-1998
  Bologna 17 marzo 1973
  Bremen 18.10.95
  Buffalo 1975
  Buffalo Charge
  Bumbershoot 1998
  Cain Park July 17, 2001
  Chicago's Riviera
  Cirkus, Stockholm, April 25, 2000
  Colorado Springs 9-8-2000
  Complete BBC Sessions 1968/69
  Concert '99 - Reno
  Concert To Branches
  Copenhagen, Falkonerteatret 04-12-74
  Cropredy '87
  Cuidad Portivo
  Cuyahoga Falls 9.9.99
  Dallas Memorial 1971
  Dark Ages
  Decent Exposure - Sydney 1974
  Dekalb 10/16/75
  Denver Colorado 1992
  Divinities Live In Berlin 22.05.95
  Down Under Wraps
  First Show In 1977
  Florence '88
  Flute Cake
  For The Benefit Of Inverness
  For Their Benefit
  From Bayreuth To Munich
  Going To San Francisco
  Golden Hall, San Diego '91
  Greetings From Tel-Aviv
  Guildford, UK - November 20, 1996
  Hang Over
  Holmdel,  NJ  09-01-99
  Hot Night In Viejas
  ¡Hola! Live In Barcelona 1998
  Ian Anderson In Venezuela
  Ian Anderson With Bochumer Symphoniker
  If Beethoven Was Here Tonight
  Isle Of Wight
  Istanbul Amphitheatre
  It's A Boy !
  It's Only Me
  Itullians Convention 1998
  Itullians Convention 2000
  Itullian Convention 2001
  Jeffrey Goes To Vigevano
  Jethro Tull In Las Vegas
  Jethro Tull In Oslo 2000
  Jones Beach 2. September 1999
  Just To Our Friends
  King Center - May 10, 2002
  Las Vegas 10-11-1978
  Live 1-19-1977 Detroit
  Live 1969
  Live At Santa Monica 11-16-79
  Live At Spodek
  Live At Spodek Katowice, 06.05.2000
  Live At The LA Sports Arena 1982
  Live At The Opera House, 1997
  Live At The Ottawa Civic Centre
  Live At The Tel Aviv Cinerama
  Live In Beatle City 1977
  Live In Berlin
  Live In Bremerhaven 1981
  Live In Brighton '90
  Live In Doncaster
  Live In Firenze
  Live In Fresno, 4th April 1979
  Live In Genova '82
  Live In Hagen, Germany 1991
  Live In Hartford '80
  Live In Madrid 1984
  Live In Mulhouse '91
  Live In Pasadena
  Live In Philadelphia 1996
  Live In Providence '75
  Live In Rockline April 24 2002
  Live In Rome 1982
  Live In Toronto 1979
  Live In Vancouver
  Live In Vigevano
  Live In Werneck '97
  Live In Wien, 4-17-1975
  Live San Sebastian - Spain - 2000
  London Blitz
  Los Angeles, 1976
  Los Angeles County Fair  (17-9-2000)
  Louisville KY,  29.09.1998
  Lowland Blues
NEW Lyn's Night Out
  Madison Square Garden 1978
  Madison Square Garden 1980
  Mile High
  Milton Keynes '86
  Milton Keynes Bowl 1986
  Minstrels In The Red House
  München Olympiahalle 15.5.1976
  My God/Ticketron
  My Manday Feeling
  New Haven '84
  Night In The Wilderness
  Nines Of The Millennium
  No Way To.. Slow Down !!
  Norway, Your Way
  Nothing Is Easy
  NRK '97
  Ohne Filter Extra 15.6.99
  Ohne Filter Extra 15.6.99 - Special Edition
  Olavshallen - Trondheim - 21.09.2001
  One Dance With Prince Charles
  One Flute Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  One Seat In The Stalls
  Out In The Green #1
  Out In The Green #2
  Passion Play Live
  Philadelphia 3-8-1975
  Pilgrim's Progress
  Ploughing The Boots Vol. 1
  Ploughing The Boots Vol. 2
  Ploughing The Boots Vol. 3
  Postcard From Wolfsburg
  Radio 21 Event
  Randall's Island, New York 1970
  Rare And Different Versions
  Reflections Through The Glass Chandelier
  Rockin' San Francisco
  Rockline 2000
  Rockline 26.8.1991
NEW Rocks On My Road
  Santiago - Chile
  Sao Paulo 28.11.00
  Seattle 1987
  Seattle 2002
  Seattle Center Arena
  Seattle Centre Coliseum 1977
  Seattle Coliseum, WA 7/27/1975
  Seattle, WA July 27, 1973
  Secret Acoustic Language
  Sight And Sound
  Soft Venus
  Songs From Foxwoods
  Songs From The Forest
  Stockholm '82
  Summer In Florence
  Sunrise 2000
  Symphonic Jethro
  Theakston Music Festival, August 28, 1982
  The Acoustic Radio Sessions
  The Chicago Jazz Festival
  The Conventional Flautist
  The Grand - Highlights
NEW The Jolly Jethros
  The Late Show
  The Ludwigshafen Outburst
  The Other Half
NEW The Rovers Return
  The Seed Drill Ditties
  The Water's Edge
  The Zürich Tapes
  Thick As A Brick Tour Japan '72
  Thick Brick - Live In Munich '73
  This Is Not A Test
  Throw Caution To The Wind
  Tokyo Shibuva On Air
  Triumph In The Gardens!
  Tull '99
  Tull @ HOB
  Tull At Pentrich R & B Custom Show 1997
  Tull Tales (Brussels, Belgium 1987)
  Tull vs Boeing
  Tull TV - Vol. 1
NEW Tunbridge Troubadours
  University Of Tull '99
  U.S. Convention - Vermont 10.11.97
  Utrecht 20-10-1999
  Various Radioshows Vol. 1
  Viva Via Funchal !
  When The Clock Hits Midnight
  Whole Lotta Brick
  Wind Up
  With Kitchen Prose...
  With Love From John And G
  WMMR and World Cafe 6/6/1995
  Wond'Ring Aloud
  WXRT Chicago 23.8.1991
  Yelling For Aqualung (Live in Hershey PA, 2000)
NEW York Minstrels

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