TRACKS: Clasp / Hunting Girl / Fallen On Hard Times / Pussy Willow / Broadsword / One Brown Mouse / Seal Driver / Watching Me Watching You / Weathercock , Fire At Midnight, instrumental based loosely on Living In The Past, Sweet Dream (medley) / Songs From The Wood / Crossfire / Heavy Horses / Protect And Survive / The Whirling Pits (instrumental) / / Pibroch, Black Satin Dancer (instrumental medley) / Aqualung / Minstrel In The Gallery, Locomotive Breath, Black Sunday (instrumental) (medley) / Jack-In-The-Green / Pussy Willow / When Jesus Came To Play / Rocks On The Road / Fat Man / Aqualung, Locomotive Breath, Black Sunday (instrumental) (medley) / Some Day The Sun Won't Shine On You / Andy Giddings' Parrot / So Much Trouble / Living In The Past
2 CD: Big Sur Records BSR0016/0017, ('97?) (??)
QUALITY: Excellent
TOTAL TIME: 73:07 min, 73:31 min.
REMARKS: Bootleg. First 18 tracks recorded live at the Hamburg Congress Centrum Halle, Germany, April 8th, 1982. Track 19 and 20 recorded at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala, London, England, July 21st, 1982. Track 21 through 24 recorded at the Rockline Studio, Hollywood,CA, August 26th, 1991. Last four tracks recorded at the Rockline Studio, New York, NY, April 26th, 1993. "Andy Giddings' Parrot" is listed as "So Far Untitled" on the cover. This CD is sometimes mentioned as The Hamburg Congress Centrum Halle, since that is what the cover says at the spine.