Jethro Tull newsletter
I have decided to stop my newsletter due to the following reasons:

1) The news included in the newsletter are also published in the news section on my website - those who are interested in recent Tull happenings can still get all my updates there.
2) Subscribers of the newsletter do not alert me of email changes - as a result, I get 20% of all newsletter emails in return (this amount is of course growing every day).
3) Due to the amount of subscribers (several thousands worldwide), I need to use group-mail software to send the newsletter out in bulks. But due to the growing amount of SPAM, emails sent out by such software is filtered out or blacklisted by so many email-servers these days, it's quite impossible for me to get through to most of my subscribers.

4) You can still read the latest news on my website here, and if you wish to contact me - please use this contact form.

Thanks for understanding ...