Last update: 18. November - 2006

- And as if that wasn't enough....YET ANOTHER "best of" CD will be released in March next year: Best Of Acoustic Jethro Tull
- Yet another "best of compilation was released on October 31st: Extended versions. This is probably a live album consisting of
   the following tracks: Aqualung / Crosseyed Mary / Sweet Dream / Nothing Is Easy / Living in the Past / Life Is a Long Song /

             Locomotive Breath / Fat Man / Thick as a Brick / Dot Com. More details on this release coming up shortly.
- Another "Collector's Edition" was released sep. 11, this time on DVD: Living With The Past / Nothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle
   Of Wight 1970. The bonus material: Ian Anderson performs with Fairport Convention (2001) and Uriah Heep (2000).
- Wild Turkey released their new album entitled "You & Me in the Jungle" in september, more details to be added shortly.
- A new Ian Anderson 2-CD will be released on June 20th entitled "Ian Anderson Collection". This is not a new studio album,
   but the albums "Rupi's Dance" and "The Secret Language Of Birds" coupled together with a different track order.
- Andrea Vercesi, a one-man Jethro Tull cover band, has recently released his first CD "Velvet Green" consisting of 9 cover
   songs. You can read more about it on his website, or order the CD directly from Andrea by email. His second CD entitled
   "Songs From The Forum" is expected to be released later this year.
- Wild Turkey are recording a new studio album in Swansea, UK, in April entitled 'Friendly Fire'. So far the confirmed
   musicians are Gary Pickford on vocals, Mick Dyche and Graham Williams on guitars, Steve Gurl on keyboards and
   Brian Thomas. Clive Bunker might appear as a guest on a couple of songs (unconfirmed). They are also starting to
   book a British tour in October and hope to do Europe after that. They're also negotiating to see if they can make it to
   the Italian Tull Convention run by "our friends the Itullians" as stated by Glenn.
- Magic Records in France have released a Jethro Tull CD-Single entitled "Bourée". More details here
- Roland Chadwick's new CD "Native Tongue" featuring Barriemore Barlow is out now, more details here:
- Tony Williams is in negotiations with other original members of Stealers Wheel to reform the group in 2006.
   They will perform some selected dates including an acoustic set and a new website will be launched to provide
   access to new compositions and CD's etc. Glenn Cornick has agreed to work with the band on any US dates.
- Dear friends and visitors, it's about time I started updating my website again. While I've been offline and
   busy moving around and adjusting to a new job, it's been brought to my attention that webmasters of
   certain other Jethro Tull websites have been quite busy doing a cut and paste job to create their own
   Jethro Tull discography online. I hope you're satisfied with your rip off operation, I spent countless hours
   compiling my many minutes did you spend on yours ?