Jethro Tull has released a large number of LPs, EPs, singles and CDs over the years, and helpful souls have complemented their effort with the odd compilations and bootlegs. This is an attempt to make a complete list of all those records. Thanks to all who contributed, and especially to Dan Duvall, Harald Eikermann, Steve Harrison, Bert Maessen, Pete McHugh, Michael Palfi, Michael Rawdon, Dag Sandbu, David K. Steiner, Claude Sumi, and Aldo Tagliaferro. They contributed the majority of the information. I just arranged it. Errors and omissions, I'm afraid, are all my own. But please let me know if you find any. Track listings aim to show what is actually on the records and CDs; not what is written on the cover. Known differences between the two will be listed as remarks.

I've made some major changes here, to make this site more speedy and easy to load. The bootlegs have been moved to their own section below, and all images used as background have been replaced by one single colour to reduce the loading time. The changes section has been removed, it took too much time adding the same item twice.

Core albums 1968 to 1977 and 1978-present are the well-known Chrysalis/Reprise/EMI albums available more or less worldwide.

Promos, radio shows and compilations 1-L and M-Z contain legitimate releases like non-Chrysalis live albums, special compilations, radio shows and promotional albums (core album promo versions are listed in the core section). Rather a mixed lot,really.

Bootlegs are listed here in alphabetical order, LPs, CDs and MCs.
These lists contain original bootlegs only, CDRs have been removed - they do not belong here.

All singles are listed here: 12" Singles, 7" Singles, MC Singles, Acetates, Postcards and Flexis.

The track listings A, B, C-D, E-G, H-J, K-L, M-N, O-R, S, T, and U-Z show the recordings of each track in date order stating which records they have been released on. Information on tracks from the other sections has only been transferred to this section insofar that it has been possible to place the recordings in time sequence.

Finally, a list of abbreviations will help you to better understand my gibberish.

Additional information, comments and questions to Dag Sandbu

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