TRACKS (All live): Black Sunday / Dun Ringill / Songs From The Wood / Sweet Dream / Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; Too Young To Die / Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day / Aqualung / Locomotive Breath / Wond'ring Aloud / Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day / Jack-In-The-Green / Thick As A Brick / Songs From The Wood / Velvet Green / Hunting Girl
MC: Trade Mark Of Quality 7207/6
QUALITY: Very good.
REMARKS: First eight tracks taken from the Slipstream video, released 1981. The last seven from the A Sackful Of Trousersnakes LP, recorded at the Anaheim Convention Centre, California, April 6th, 1977.

TRACKS (All live except "Hard Liner"): Wond'ring Aloud / Steel Monkey / Thick As A Brick / Living In The Past / Rock Island / Nelly, The Revenge / Cheap Day Return / Nursie / Mother Goose / Jack-A- Lynn / Farm On The Freeway / Serenade To A Cuckoo (including Wachet Auf) / Christmas Song / Budapest / Strange Avenues / Kissing Willie / The Pine Marten's Jig, Drowsy Maggy (medley) / Dun Ringill / Jack-In-The-Green / Said She Was A Dancer / Pussy Willow, Pibroch (medley) / My God (including Bourée and double violin concerto) / Another Christmas Song / Love Story / Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; Too Young To Die / Aqualung / Locomotive Breath / Fylingdale Flyer / Cheerio / Hard Liner / Serenade To A Cuckoo / Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
2 MC: Baphomet IHVH6665282
QUALITY: Very good.
REMARKS: Bootleg. All tracks except last three recorded in Portsmouth, May 19th, 1990. "Hard Liner" is probably recorded when played by IAA on a radio show. Two last tracks are taped TV-performances from MTV 1987, the Kevin Seal Show. The LP version comes with a Jethro Tull T-shirt. Track listing on LP labels is wrong. The inlay shows the correct sequence. The MC set comes in a tin can, hence the name From a Dead Beat To An Old Salmon Can.

TRACKS (All live): Thick As A Brick / Aqualung / To Cry You A Song / With You There To Help Me / Sossity; You're A Woman, Reasons For Waiting (medley), Nothing Is Easy
MC: Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri S.p.A. MRL 015
QUALITY: Very good.
REMARKS: Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at Essen, Germany January 21st, 1972. Tracks 3 through 6 recorded in Chicago, January 16th, 1970.

TRACKS (All live): My Sunday Feeling / My God / To Cry You A Song / With You There To Help Me / Sossity; You're A Woman, Reasons For Waiting (medley) / Nothing Is Easy / For A Thousand Mothers
MC: Curcio Editors 17
QUALITY: Very good.
REMARKS: Bootleg given as a gift to readers of the Italian rock-magazine Dizionario Del Rock. Recorded live at the Arogan Ballroom, Chicago, January 16th, 1970. Transmitted on Chicago FM-radio, August 16th, 1970.

TRACKS: Elegy / Mother Goose / Up The Pool / Bourée / My Sunday Feeling / It's Breaking Me Up / Serenade To A Cuckoo / A Song For Jeffrey
MC: (no number)
REMARKS: Bootleg. Not a real Jethro Tull album. Recorded at the 6th UK Jethro Tull Convention, Woodvill Halls, Gravesend, November 30th, 1996. Track 1 is IAA and DPA. Track 2 through 4 are IAA, AGI and JNY. Track 5 through 8 are IAA, MIA, CBU and Mick Summerland.

TRACKS (All live): Nothing Is Easy / To Cry You A Song / My God / We Used To Know / A Song For Jeffrey / With You There To Help Me / Back To The Family / Sossity; You're A Woman, Reasons For Waiting (medley) / My Sunday Feeling
MC: Rockstars In Concert 6117084
QUALITY: Very good.
REMARKS: Bootleg. Tracks 1, 2, 6 and 9 recorded in Chicago Arogan Ballroom, January 16th, 1970, and transmitted on Chicago FM-radio August 16th 1970. Tracks 3, 4 and 8 recorded at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, (May 1st?), 1970, and tracks 5 and 7 recorded in Stockholm, Sweden, January 9th, 1969. This CD is probably copied from Blues From Chicago, Mad Dog Fagin, and one of the many Stockholm CDs.

TRACKS: Thick As A Brick.
MC: Platinum PMC8, ('??) (GE)
QUALITY: Excellent.
REMARKS: Pirate release. Contains only half of the original LP split on two sides.