Discography - Books

1978: To Be The Play  (USA)
19??: Jethro Tull  (Greece)
19??: Jethro Tull  (Greece)
1984: Jethro Tull  (Spain)
1991: Jethro Tull  (Turkey)
1993: Complete Lyrics Book  (UK)
1993: The Phantoms Of 3000 Years  (UK)
1995: Dalnok A Balkonon  (Hungary)
1996: Minstrels Of Rock'N'Roll; History Of Jethro Tull  (Russia)
1997: Jethro Tull - Dyskografie  (Poland)
1997: Il Flauto Nella Roccia  (Italy)
1998: Jethro Tull: Testi Con Traduzione A Fronte  (Italy)
1998: Minstrels In The Gallery  (UK)
1999: Driving In Diverse: A Collective Profile Of Jethro Tull  (USA)
2000: Flying Colours: The Jethro Tull Reference Manual  (USA)
2000: Jethro Tull  (Turkey)
2000: A Little History Of Jethro Tull  (Czech Republic)
2001: Jethro Tull: A History Of The Band, 1968 - 2001  (USA)
2001: Calciones 1  (Spain)
2002: Pocket Essential  (UK)
200?: Jethro Tull And The Case For Modernism In Mass Music  (UKNot yet released
1970: Jethro Tull  (USA)
1970: Songs From Benefit  (USA)
1971: Anthology  (USA)
1976: Flute Solos  (USA)
1986: The Great Songs Of Jethro Tull  (UK)
1993: The Anniversary Collection  (UK)
1994: Greatest Hits - Electric Tull  (USA)
19??: Aqualung  (UK)
19??: Guitar Anthology Series  (USA)