Silvia Perlini E Gianni Mocchetti - Serenade To Itullians

TRACKS: Serenade To A Cuckoo / Jack-A-Lynn / Set Aside / Up The Pool / One Brown Mouse / Bad-Eyed And Loveless / Dun Ringill / Under Wraps / Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square / Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You / Only Solitaire / Fat Man-Salamander-Fat Man / Reasons For Waiting / John Barleycorn / Dun Ringill (2002 version)
1 CD: ITLS 0103
REMARKS: Silvia Perlini and Gianni Mocchetti made this brilliant album of Jethro Tull cover versions for the italian Jethro Tull fan club "Itullians", hence the title. The last track is a bonus track contributed and performed by Ian Anderson, recorded in 2002.