7" singles Discography - USA

Sunshine Day/Aeroplane  (counterfeit)
Sunshine Day/Aeroplane  (counterfeit,red vinyl)
Love Story/A Song For Jeffrey
Love Story/A Song For Jeffrey  (promo)
Living In The Past/Driving Song
Living In The Past/Driving Song  (promo)
Sweet Dream/Back To The Family
Sweet Dream/Back To The Family  (promo)
Sweet Dream/Reasons For Waiting  (mislabelled)
Sweet Dream/Reasons For Waiting  (mislabelled,promo)
The Witch’s Promise/Teacher
The Witch’s Promise/Teacher (promo)
Inside/A Time For Everything
Inside/A Time For Everything  (promo)
Hymn 43/Mother Goose
Hymn 43/Mother Goose  (promo)
Locomotive Breath/Up To Me
Locomotive Breath/Wind Up
Locomotive Breath/Wind Up  (promo)
This Was  (radio spots,promo)
Stand Up  (radio spots,promo)
Benefit  (radio spots,promo)
Aqualung  (radio spots,promo)
Aqualung +3  (EP,jukebox,picture sleeve)
Living In The Past/Christmas Song
Living In The Past, mono/stereo (promo)
A Passion Play, Edit 8/Edit 9
A Passion Play, Edit 8/Edit 8  (promo)
A Passion Play, Edit 10/Edit 6
A Passion Play, Edit 10/Edit 6 (promo)
Bungle In The Jungle/Back-Door Angels
Bungle In The Jungle, mono/stereo (promo)
Bungle In The Jungle, mono/stereo (promo,with preview invitation)
Skating Away/Sealion
Skating Away, mono/stereo  (promo)
Minstrel In The Gallery/Summerday Sand
Minstrel In The Gallery, mono/stereo  (promo)
Locomotive Breath/Fat Man
Locomotive Breath, mono/stereo  (promo,2 versions)
Too Old To Rock’N’Roll/Bad-Eyed And Loveless
Too Old To Rock’N’Roll, mono/stereo (promo)
The Whistler/Strip Cartoon
The Whistler, mono/stereo  (promo)
The Whistler, mono/stereo  (test pressing)
Home/Warm Sporran
Home, mono/stereo  (promo)
Fallen On Hard Times/Pussy Willow
Fallen On Hard Times/Fallen On Hard Times  (promo)
Steel Monkey/Down At The End Of Your Road  (picture sleeve)
Steel Monkey/Steel Monkey  (promo)
What’s It All About ? Programme 506  (promo,interv + music)
What's It All About ? Programme 578  (promo,interv + music)
Living In The Past/Cross-Eyed Mary
Living In The Past/Cross-Eyed Mary  (Back To Back Hits)
Bungle In The Jungle/Minstrel In The Gallery
Bourée/Elegy  (picture sleeve)
Bourée/Elegy  (promo)
Thick As A Brick (live)/Thick As A Brick, Edit 1  (promo)
Christmas Song/Skating Away  (jukebox,green vinyl)