7" singles Discography - New Zealand

Love Story/A Song For Jeffrey
Living In The Past/Driving Song
Sweet Dream/Back To The Family
Witch's Promise/Teacher
Inside/A Time For Everything
Hymn 43/Mother Goose
Locomotive Breath/Wind-Up
Living In The Past/Christmas Song
A Passion Play, Edit 8/Edit 9
Bungle In The Jungle/Back-Door Angels
Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day/Sealion
Minstrel In The Gallery/Summerday Sand
Living In The Past/Requiem
Locomotive Breath/Fat Man
Too Old To Rock'N'Roll; Too Young To Die/Rainbow Blues
The Whistler/Strip Cartoon
Songs From The Wood/Jack-In-The-Green
Moths/Life's A Long Song
A Stitch In Time/Sweet Dream
Broadsword (Edited version)/Fallen On Hard Times
Lap Of Luxury/Astronomy