7" singles Discography - Netherlands

A Song For Jeffrey/One For John Gee  (picture sleeve)
Love Story/A Christmas Song  (picture sleeve)
Living In The Past/Driving Song  (picture sleeve)
Living In The Past/Driving Song  (picture sleeve,promo)
Bourée/Look Into The Sun  (picture sleeve)
Sweet Dream/17  (picture sleeve)
Witch’s Promise/The Teacher  (picture sleeve)
Inside/Alive And Well And Living In  (picture sleeve)
Locomotive Breath/Hymn 43  (picture sleeve)
Locomotive Breath/Love Story  (picture sleeve)
Life Is A Long Song +4  (picture sleeve,EP)
Thick As A Brick, Part 1/Part 2  (picture sleeve)
A Passion Play, Edit 8/Edit 9  (picture sleeve)
Bungle In The Jungle/Back-Door Angels  (picture sleeve)
A Stitch In Time/Sweet Dream (live)  (picture sleeve)
The Whistler/Strip Cartoon  (picture sleeve)
Locomotive Breath/Bourée  (picture sleeve)