Jethro Tull Photo Gallery
- brought to you by Tony Williams -
This picture gallery is made available for Tull fans to view by kind 
permission of Mr. Tony Williams, former member of Jethro Tull. 

Tony Williams can now be contacted on this email:
He will reply on a 'time permits' basis if you wish to send him an email.

Here's a small introduction to you written by Tony:
"I joined Tull in 1978 when John Glasscock was taken ill. I had known all the 
band for several years and had previously been in bands with Barry Barlow and 
Glenn Cornick before they joined Tull. We all lived in Blackpool in the 60's 
- early 70's. 
In 1972 I formed Stealers Wheel with Gerry Rafferty & Joe Eagan. I stayed in 
touch with Barry and we often hung out together sometimes at Tull recording 

John returned to the band in 1979 but sadly died shortly afterwards. Soon 
after this Tull as I knew it broke up with only Martin and Ian remaining. 
Barry and I worked on several joint and individual projects, but I eventually 
returned to studio work and tv production. 

I now have my own PR consultancy business and spend a lot of time working 
with elephants at the Thailand Elephant Foundation and with Riddles Elephant 
Sanctuary in Little Rock. Recently the Stealers Wheel single Stuck in The 
Middle has enjoyed a huge revival thanks to Reservoir Dogs so we have been 
busy thinking about a reunion and a dance mix version. "

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Please note that all these images belong to Tony Williams except where indicated, 
and are therefore protected by applicable copyright law.