About The Quality Jethro Tull Website Award

The Quality Jethro Tull Website Award is currently presented to all sites listed in my Website Index. To be selected, I apply the following criterion:

  • The site must be related to Jethro Tull. 
  • The site provides extensive information about the band or subject not available elsewhere. 
  • The general motive of the website must be to provide information for Jethro Tull fans, not to earn money. Websites that are made and maintained mostly for affiliate earnings purposes will be removed immediately.
  • The site is exceptionally well designed.
  • Websites that contain many pictures taken from other Jethro Tull Websites are automatically removed. Creating a good website requires a lot of hard work, not a lot of links and stolen pictures.
  • All of the above. 
All sites selected for inclusion in my index are entitled to display the Quality Jethro Tull Website Award on their home page. I would appreciate it if webmasters of selected sites would provide a link back to my index page.

Applying to the Quality Jethro Tull Website Award

Thank you for your interest in being listed on the Quality Jethro Tull Website Index. To be considered for the Website Index, fill out the form below. Be sure to read the instructions for each step.

In deciding which sites to list, I apply the following criterion:

  • The website must be about Jethro Tull and/or related band members.
  • I do not list sites which appear to be under major construction.
  • I give greater consideration to sites that can offer new material. 
  • Sites that appear to have nothing new to offer other than links and copies material will not be listed.
  • Unupdated websites are removed from the Index. 
  • I will periodically review the sites and replace weaker ones.
When you click the Submit button your information will be Emailed directly to me. If accepted, you'll be hearing back from me (also via email) within two to seven business days. Here's the form:
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