Collectible Memorabilia

Beer:  Heavy Horses
Beer Mat:  Heavy Horses
Belt buckle:  WarChild
Belt buckle:  Too Old To Rock'N'Roll
Belt buckle:  "M.U." - The Best Of...
Belt buckle:  Heavy Horses
Belt buckle:  Jethro Tull I
Belt buckle:  Jethro Tull II
Button:  25th Anniversary I
Button:  25th Anniversary II
Button:  A
Button:  Aqualung (two versions)
Button:  Broadsword And The Beast I
Button:  Broadsword And The Beast II
Button:  Broadsword And The Beast III
Button:  Catfish Rising
Button:  Dot Com
Button:  Fanclub of Switzerland
Button:  Flute
Button:  Heavy Horses
Button:  Ian Anderson I
Button:  Ian Anderson II
Button:  M.U. - The Best Of Jethro Tull
Button:  Ring Out Solstice Bells
Button:  Rock Island I
Button:  Rock Island II
Button:  Theakston Music Festival
Button:  Too Old To Rock'N'Roll: Too Young To Die
Button:  Under Wraps
Button:  WPLJ 95.5
Calendar:  30th Anniversary
Cloth Patch:  M.U. - The Best Of Jethro Tull
Cloth Patch:  Heavy Horses
Cloth Patch:  Broadsword
Cloth Patch:  Rock Island
Competition Pack:  Steel Monkey
Fake Gold Bar:  Jethro Tull - 8 Bars Of Gold
Foam Brick:  Thick As A Brick
Framed Gold LP:  Aqualung
Frisbee:  1977 US Tour
Headscarf:  Under Wraps
Horseshoe:  Heavy Horses
Mirror:  Heavy Horses
Mouse Pad:  Dot Com
Pass:  1978 Jethro Tull/Uriah Heep
Pass:  1982 Jethro Tull/WPLJ
Reel To Reel:  BBC Special - Jethro Tull Story
Sheet Music:  Bungle In The Jungle
Sheet Music:  Kissing Willie
Sheet Music:  Life Is A Long Song
Sheet Music:  Living In The Past (UK)
Sheet Music:  Living In The Past (USA)
Sheet Music:  Locomotive Breath
Sheet Music:  Love Story
Sheet Music:  Steel Monkey
Sheet Music:  Sweet Dream
Sheet Music:  Teacher
Sheet Music:  The Witch's Promise
Sticker:  Ian Anderson
Technical Manual: War Child
Wall Display:  War Child
Wall Display:  Too Old To Rock'N'Roll