Beggar's Farm - Jethro Tull Tribute
Blackmore's Night - Shadow Of The Moon (w/Ian Anderson)
Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - All Tore Down (live)  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - Getting To This  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - Lies  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - Live At The Lafayette  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - Modern Alchemist  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - The Basement Tapes  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Blodwyn Pig - The Full Porky - Live In London  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Brian Protheroe - I/You (w/Ian Anderson, Barriemore Barlow)
Carmen - Dancing On A Cold Wind  (w/John Glascock)
Carmen - Fandangos In Space  (w/John Glascock)
Carmen - Fandangos In Space/Dancing On A Cold Wind  (w/John Glascock)
Carmen - The Gypsies  (w/John Glascock)
Chicken Shack - Imagination Lady  (w/John Glascock)
Clive Bunker - Awakening  (w/Clive Bunker, Ian Anderson, Martin Barre)
David Palmer and Beggar's Farm - In Concert  (w/David Palmer)
Fairport Convention - The Best And The Guests  (w/Ian Anderson, Martin Barre)
Fairport Convention - The Other Boot/The Third Leg  (w/Ian Anderson, Martin Barre)
Fairport Convention - XXXV  (w/Ian Anderson)
Five Furious Fish - Hook Line & Sphincter  (w/Martin Barre)
Gods - Genesis  (w/John Glascock)
Gods - To Samuel A Son  (w/John Glascock)
Head Machine - Orgasm  (w/John Glascock)
Honeymoon Suite - The Big Prize    (w/Ian Anderson)
Ian Anderson - Divinities: Twelve Dances With God  (w/Ian Anderson)
Ian Anderson - Walk Into Light  (w/Ian Anderson)
Ian Anderson - The Secret Language Of Birds  (w/Ian Anderson)
Jackie Lynton - Pinboard Wizards (w/Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Clive Bunker, Mick Abrahams)
James Taylor Quartet - Room At The Top  (w/Ian Anderson)
John Carter - Clean The Page  (w/Martin Barre)
John Carter/Martin Barre - Spirit Flying Free  (w/Martin Barre)
Jürgen Handke - Jethro Tull Classics Played By Jürgen Handke
Karthago - Rock'N'Roll Testament  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Maartin Allcock - Ox 15  (w/Ian Anderson)
Maddy Prior - Woman In The Wings  (w/Ian Anderson)
Magellan - Hundred Year Flood  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mandoki - People  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mandoki - People In Room No. 8  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mandoki - So Far... Collected Songs  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mandoki - Soulmates  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mandoki - The Jazz Cuts  (w/Ian Anderson)
Maria Anthony - Songs Of The Troubadour
Mark Craney/Friends: Something With A Pulse (w/Ian Anderson)
Martin Barre - A Summer Band  (w/Martin Barre)
Martin Barre - A Trick Of Memory  (w/Martin Barre)
Martin Barre - The Meeting  (w/Martin Barre)
Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World  (w/Ian Anderson)
Mick Abrahams - All Said And Done  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams - Mick Abrahams  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams - Mick's Back  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams - One  (w/Ian Anderson, Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams - Pig In The Middle  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams - This Is  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams Band - At Last  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mick Abrahams Band - Live In Madrid  (w/Mick Abrahams)
Mother Goose - Passion Players
Paris - Big Towne  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Paris - Paris  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Peter Green - Rattlesnake Guitar  (w/Ian Anderson, Mick Abrahams)
Roy Harper - The Dream Society (w/Ian Anderson)
Roy Harper - Valentine (w/Ian Anderson)
SAS Band - SAS Band  (w/Ian Anderson)
Silvia Perlini E Gianni Mocchetti - Serenade To Itullians  (w/Ian Anderson)
Steeleye Span - Now We Are Six  (produced by Ian Anderson)
Various Artists - 25 Very Rare Masters From The 60s  (w/Jethro Tull)
Various Artists - A Tribute To Jethro Tull: To Cry You A Song
Various Artists - Earthrise  (w/Ian Anderson)
Various Artists - Isle Of Wight Festival (w/Jethro Tull)
Various Artists - It's For You! (w/Jethro Tull)
Various Artists - Made In England - Vol. 2 (w/John Glascock)
Various Artists - On The Mountain 6  (w/Ian Anderson)
Various Artists - Songs For Jethro - Vol. 1
The London Symphony Orchestra - We Know What We Like: The Music Of Genesis  (w/Ian Anderson)
The Six & Violence - Lettuce Prey  (w/Ian Anderson)
Uriah Heep - Acoustically Driven  (w/Ian Anderson)
Uriah Heep - Electrically Driven  (w/Ian Anderson)
Uriah Heep - Two Sides Of  (w/Ian Anderson)
Vikki Clayton - Movers And Shakers  (w/Martin Barre)
Vyktoria Pratt Keating - Something About Driving  (w/Ian Anderson)
Wendy MaHarry - Released  (w/Ian Anderson)
Wild Turkey - Battle Hymn  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Wild Turkey - Final Performance  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Wild Turkey - Live In Edinburgh  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Wild Turkey - Rarest Turkey  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Wild Turkey - Stealer Of Years  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Wild Turkey - Turkey  (w/Glenn Cornick)
Willy Porter - Willy Porter  (w/Ian Anderson)