Discography - Cassettes

Official Cassettes:
Broadsword And The Beast  (UK,DeLuxe Edition)
In Concert With MCA  (Canada,Promotion)
25th Anniversary Interview  (UK)
The Best  (Germany)
Take 2  (UK)
Live Vol. 2  (UK)
Bootleg Cassettes:
Gold Songs Of Jethro Tull  (Poland,Bootleg)
Live  (Italy,Bootleg)
Live Aqualung  (Italy,Bootleg)
Live featuring Don Henley  (Thailand,Bootleg)
Live In Chicago 1970  (Italy,Bootleg)
The Best Of Jethro Tull  (Italy,Bootleg)
Kissing Willie  (USA,Promotion)
Steel Monkey  (UK)
Rocks On The Road  (UK)