Counterfeits/Pirate releases

Jethro Tull - Sunshine Day/Aeroplane  (USA,7" Single)
Slipstream (Brazil,DVD)
Jethro Tull  (Russia,2 cd-rom)
Jethro Tull: 30 Years On Stage  (Russia,cd-rom box)
Jethro Tull  (Russia,cd-rom)
Chronology 1969  (Russia,cd)
Chronology 1970  (Russia,cd)
Chronology 1971  (Russia,cd)
Chronology 1973  (Russia,cd)
The Very Best   (Russia,cd)
Aqualung/Living In The Past, Part I  (Russia,cd)
Bursting Out  (Russia,cd)
Catfish Rising/The Radio Archives & Rare Tracks  (Russia,cd)
Crest Of A Knave/Nightcap, Part III  (Russia,cd)
Divinities/Nightcap IV  (Russia,cd)
Greatest Hits  (Russia,cd)
Heavy Horses/Broadsword And The Beast  (Russia,cd)
A Little Light Music  (Russia,cd)
Minstrel In The Gallery/Nightcap, Part I  (Russia,cd)
A Passion Play/Living In The Past, Part III  (Russia,cd)
Rock Island/Essential Tull  (Russia,cd)
Roots To Branches/Flawed Gems  (Russia,cd)
Songs From The Wood/Walk Into Light  (Russia,cd)
Stand Up/Benefit  (Russia,cd)
Stormwatch/Nightcap, Part II  (Russia,cd)
This Was/A  (Russia,cd)
Thick As A Brick/Living In The Past, Part II  (Russia,cd)
Under Wraps/The Other Side Of Tull  (Russia,cd)
WarChild/Too Old To Rock'N'Roll:Too Young To Die  (Russia,cd)
Live 1970  (Russia,cd)
Collection 2000  (Russia,cd)
Grand Collection  (Russia,cd)
Music History  (Russia,cd)
Pot Pourri  (Russia,cd)
All Stars Presents: Jethro Tull  (Russia,cd)
Kings Of World Music  (Russia,cd)
All Time Hits 1980 - 2002  (Russia,cd))