Collectible CDs

1) John Evan Band  (UK)
2) The Very Best Of  (France)
3) Platinum Collection, Part I  (South Africa)
4) Platinum Collection, Part II  (South Africa)
5) Catfish Rising  (Japan)
6) This Was  (Japan,limited edition,mini-LP sleeves)
7) Stand Up  (Japan,limited edition,mini-LP sleeves)
8) Benefit  (Japan,limited edition,mini-LP sleeves)
9) Aqualung  (Japan,limited edition,mini-LP sleeves)
10) Thick As A Brick  (Japan,limited edition,mini-LP sleeves)
11) Classic Jethro Tull  (UK)
12) Lo Mejor De  (Spain)
13) A Jethro Tull Collection  (The Netherlands)
14) Best Of  (Hungary)
15) A Passion Play  (Hungary)
16) Thick As A Brick  (Hungary)
17) Original  (Poland)
18) The Best Of  (Poland)
19) The Best  (Poland)
20) Giganty Rocka  (Poland)
21) Stand Up  (Poland)
22) Aqualung  (Poland)
23) Aqualung  (Poland,re-release w/booklet)
24) Thick As A Brick  (Poland)
25) Living In The Past, Vol. I & Vol. II  (Poland)
26) A Passion Play  (Poland)
27) The Very Best Of  (Canada)