Collectible 7" Singles

1) Blues For The 18th/Aeroplane  (UK,acetate)
2) Thick As A Brick  (UK,EP,promo release with press sheets)
3) A Passion Play, Edit 8/Edit 9  (Angola[Luanda])
4) Sunshine Day/Aeroplane  (UK,miscredited to Jethro Toe,promo)
5) Sunshine Day/Aeroplane  (UK,miscredited to Jethro Toe)
6) Bourée/Back To The Family  (Norway)
7) Bungle In The Jungle/Back-Door Angels  (Sweden)
8) Sweet Dream  (Portugal,EP)
9) Crest Of A Knave  (Bolivia,EP)
10) Moths/Beltane  (Ireland,mislabelled B-side)
11) Witch's Promise/Teacher  (Sweden,blue vinyl)
12) A Song For Jeffrey/One For John Gee  (Netherlands)
13) A Song For Jeffrey/One For John Gee  (Germany)
14) Stand Up Radio Spots  (US,Radio spots,promo)
15) This Is Jethro Tull  (Australia,EP)
16) Sweet Dream/17  (Italy)
17) Aqualung/Hymn 43  (Italy)
18) Love Story/A Christmas Song  (UK,miscredited to Ian Henderson)