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Best Of The Web 2000 Award  Quality Music Resource Award  Golden Web Award 2001-2002


From Ed:
"Hello, I am an English 16 yr old Beginner Tull Collector. I think that your site is absolutly fantastic.
I trawled through vast sections of detailed discography, played the quiz, read the collectors ad's and 
generally spent far too much on phone bills whilst visiting your site. I wish to congratulate you on a
stylishly presented, amazing piece of work which has for now has helped form the backbone of my 
record wishlist. Quite Simply, this is the best fan/collectors web resource that I have ever seen.
Thank you for truly making my evening"

From Willy:
"Great job ! No nonsense, nothing too heavy that would take any person hours to upload; just 
information, brought in a nice, accessible way. Congrats !"