Songs From The Wood
Digitally Remastered with bonus tracks

Tracks (click the tracks for lyrics):
1 Songs From The Wood 4:55
2 Jack-In-The-Green 2:32
3 Cup Of Wonder 4:34
4 Hunting Girl 5:13
5 Ring Out, Solstice Bells 3:47
6 Velvet Green 6:05
7 The Whistler 3:31
8 Pibroch (Cap In Hand) 8:38
9 Fire At Midnight 2:27
10 Beltane 0:00
11 Velvet Green (live) 0:00
Release date: 14. April 2003 (UK) and 20. May 2003 (USA)
Recording location/date: Fall 1976 at Morgan Studios, London and Maison Rouge Mobile. 
Guest musicians: None
Production: Ian Anderson
Cover Concept by: -
Cover Art by: Jay L. Lee
Ian Anderson (flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin, whistles, vocals, all instruments on track 2)
Martin Barre (electric guitar, lute)
Barriemore Barlow (drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nacres, tabor)
John Glascock (bass, vocals)
John Evans (piano, organ, synthesizers)
David Palmer (piano, portative organ, synthesizers)