Ian Anderson - The Secret Language 
Of Birds

Tracks (click the tracks for lyrics):
1 The Secret Language Of Birds 4:17
2 The Little Flower Girl 3:37
3 Montserrat 3:21
4 Postcard Day 5:07
5 The Water Carrier 2:56
6 Set-Aside 1:29
7 A Better Moon 3:46
8 Sanctuary 4:42
9 The Jasmine Corridor 3:54
10 The Habanero Reel 4:01
11 Panama Freighter 3:21
12 The Secret Language Of Birds, Pt. II 3:06
13 Boris Dancing 3:07
14 Circular Breathing 3:45
15 The Stormont Shuffle 3:20
Release date: 06. March 2000 (UK) and 07. March 2000 (USA)
Recording location/date: Spring and summer 1998 at Ian Anderson's home studio
Guest musicians: James Duncan (drums), Gerry Conway (drums), Martin Barre (electric guitar)
Production: Ian Anderson
Cover Concept by: Bogdan Zarkowski
Cover Art by: Bogdan Zarkowski
Ian Anderson (vocals, guitars, flute, bouzouki, mandolin, percussion, piccolo)
Andy Giddings (keyboards, accordion, electric bass. marimba, organ, percussion, piano)
More details:
- This album was released with bonus tracks. The bonus tracks on the US release was "In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff" and "Thick As a Brick" (both recorded by dutch TV for the programme "2 Meter Sessies" in oct 1999). The bonus track on the european release was a video interview with Ian, including him and Andy playing tracks from the album.