Ian Anderson - Divinities:
Twelve Dances With God

Tracks (click the tracks for lyrics):
1 In A Stone Circle 3:51
2 In Sight Of The Minaret 4:57
3 In A Black Box 3:08
4 In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff 3:18
5 In Maternal Grace 3:17
6 In The Moneylender's Temple 3:35
7 In Defence Of Faiths 3:22
8 At Their Father's Knee 3:40
9 En Afrique 3:59
10 In The Olive Garden 5:22
11 In The Pay of Spain 5:22
12 In The Times Of India (Bombay Valentine) 5:22
Release date: 24. April 1995 (UK) and 02. May 1995 (USA)
Recording location/date: Fall 1994 at Ian Anderson's home studio
Guest musicians: Andy Giddings (keyboards, orchestral tones and colors), Doane Perry (tuned and untuned percussion), Dougles Mitchell (clarinet), Christopher Cowie (oboe), Jonathon Carrey (violin), Nina Gresin (cello), Randy Wigs (harp), Sid Gander (French horn), Dan Redding (trumpet)
Production: Ian Anderson
Cover Concept by: -
Cover Art by: Zarkowski Designs
Ian Anderson (concert flute, alto flute, bamboo flute, wooden flutes, whistles)